As Sera Cosmetics we manufacture and supply cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, hair creams, hair care products, shower gels, liquid soaps, hand washes, hair conditioners, hair styling gels, hair masks, face creams, peeling creams, body scrubs, clay masks, hand lotions, body lotions, whitening lotions, toning lotions, glycerin creams, hand creams, body creams, toning creams, whitening creams, nail polish removers, body mists, lip balms, roll-ons, deodorants, body oils, scrubbing shower gels, wet wipes, aerosols, body deodorants, women deodorants, men deodorants, air fresheners, automatic air fresheners, antibacterials, hygienic products, personal care products, man care products, woman care products, baby care products, cosmetic, soap, shampoo, hair cream, hair care product, shower gel... With 26 years of Worldwide experiences, SERA COSMETICS Inc.has been manufacturing almost all kinds of Personal Care Cosmetics, Household Cleansers, Hygienic and Aerorols items under own registered brands and also private labels with contarct manufacturing base. Respectively SERA Cosmetics today is recognized as one of the leading producers and exporters of especially Personal Care Cosmetics items in Turkey. By using high quality raw materials and with attractive packages , Sera Cosmetics provides wide range of products such as Hand Wash, Body Wash, Hair Care Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Hair Styling Gel, Hair Mask, Hair Cream, Face Cream, Peeling Cream, Body Scrub, Clay Mask, Hand & Body Lotion, Whitening Lotion, Toning Lotion, Glycerin Cream, Hand & Body Cream, Toning Cream, Whitening Cream, Nail Polish Remover, Body Mist, Lip Balm, Roll-on Deo, Body Butter, Scrubbing Shower Gel etc. Besides Personal Care items, Sera also developed and launched new line products into the markets such as Wet Wipes Hygienics, and Aerosols as Body Deodorants for Men and Women, Air Fresheners, Refill Automatic Air Fresh. The principle of perfect customer satisfaction, investments we make on human resources and our corporate policies based on total quality are the factors that are behind our fast and continuous Growth. In the swift competition of globalizing world markets, SERA Cosmetics adopts the principle of serving consumers with new and different products. Sera Cosmetics is open to technology and innovation and follows world trends very closely. Its innovative and high-quality products are manufactured utilising the latest technologies, with a hygienic and environment-friendly approach And aim to satisfy the consumer in every way

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